Chicken and Dumplings (or soup)

(From Rosie Retzlaff)


4-6 chicken breasts (with skin and bone, preferred)

carrots, cut about

celery, cut about

1 onion, quartered.

Salt and pepper


Place chicken in large pot. Add veggies around chicken. Add lots of salt and pepper over veggies and chicken. Add enough water to cover the chicken and veggies an inch above, about 4 inches.

Simmer 2-2 hours.



use Bisquick Mix for dumplings. Follow dumpling recipe on box, or:

2 cups bisquick

2/3 cup milk

mix with fork. Stir completely. Immediately spoon onto boiling broth in heaping Tablespoons. Cook uncovered 10 minutes. Cook covered additional 10 minutes.



Cook wide egg noodles, rinse and place in broth.



Option: add frozen peas just before adding dumplings.