Pork Chops and Red Rice

(from Rosie Retzlaff)


3 lg. White sweet onions

2 packages thin sliced pork chops

6-7 cans tomato soup

2-3 cups rice


sauté onions in 2 T butter till clear and a little brown. Place on bottom of roasting pan. Brown pork chops in butter, higher flame than onions. Place pork chops in layer over onions. Put can of tomato soup into the frying pan to ‘wash out’ the browning. Set aside for a minute while putting season salt & season pepper to cover pork chops (more salt than pepper).

Put 2-3 cups of Minute Rice long grain (dry) on top of pork chops. Put remaining cans of soup in a bowl and add only enough water to make soup runny, not pasty. Maybe approximately 1-2 cans of water. Pour over rice.

Roast in oven at 375 degrees for 2 hours or + depending on altitude.