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Breaking Down Camp 2

Bruce Coming Down

Bruce, Dave, Tim rest

Bruce gets joy climbing

Bruce reflecting in the sun

Bruce Relaxes

Bruce scratching

Bruce, Terry, Dave being miners

Bruce, Zach lead on

Camp 1

Camp 2

Cleaning up camp 2

Dave and Terry go higher

Dave and Terry Sliding

Dave and Terry sliding 2

Dave and Tim

Dave at summit marker

Dave eating

Dave and Eric on summit

Dave, Eric sunrise

Dave in kitchen

Dave in self arrest

Dave moves down

Dave planning

Dave Scrambles Higher

Dave Sliding

Dave summit morning

Dave Summit

Dave, Tim, Terry coming down

Dave waits

Dave walking in

Descending past the caves

Descent to the trail head

Eric, Dave, Tim rest

Eric Pauses

Eric Summit Morning

Flowers in Front

Following Kurt Down

Front climbers 1

Front climbers 2

Garnett canyon

Gearing up tot leave the summit

Group at Climbers

Group summit shot 1

Group summit shot 2

Kurt and Zach depart

Kurt begins descent

Kurt belays on edge



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