Baja Motorcycle Adventure

May 2002

Pushpin Legend (with elevation)

Related Pictures - by Frederic De Wulf unless noted

(1) San Nicolas Hotel in Ensenada (52')

Before the ride (More, Eric's, Jimmy's)

(2) First time off-road (2,295')

Ensenada to San Felipe (More, Eric's, Jimmy's)

(3) Lunch on Friday (3,610')

(4) Hotel in San Felipe (54')

San Felipe (More, Eric's, Jimmy's)

(5) Scott gives us an excuse to rest (1,404')

San Felipe to Mike's Sky Ranch (More, Eric's)

(6) Lunch on Saturday (3,142')

(7) Mike's Sky Ranch (4,073')

Mike's Sky Ranch (More, Eric's, Jimmy's)

(8) Group picture (2,746')

Mike's Sky Ranch to the Coast (More)

(9) Back to the Pacific (53')

Up the Coast (More, Eric's, Jimmy's)

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Our ride was led by the incomparable
Chris Haines Motorcycle Adventure Company.

Some very cool satellite photos are available at Tim's Baja California Page. Most notable is
a picture which has San Felipe at the very top so you can see some of the terrain we rode through.