January 1999

Entrance to Nusa Dua

The Sheraton at Nusa Dua

Balinese lady welcoming us to our hotel

Beach at Nusa Dua by our hotel


Round Table Pizza in Bali!!

The Barong Dance

The Kris Dance

Mas Village

Woodcarving was a common trade for the Balinese people. Batiks, weaving and farming are also common trades

These small stores/vendors were everywhere. If you chose, you could bargain prices with them and come home with lots of trinkets for very little money.


An awesome tree at Goa Gajah

At Goa Gajah

Goa Gajah Ceremonial Baths

Goa Gajah

or the Elephant Caves

Vendors love Leigh!

And visa versa!


At Mt. Batur

Leigh bought Brendan one of these awesome kites for Rp200,000

Entrance to the Holy Water Spring

Holy Water Spring

Beautiful tree at the Holy Water Spring

These guys were massive! We were told that no poisonous spiders exist in Bali. We didn't want to test it, we stayed clear of these guys!!

Another trade, silk weaving

Rice Terraces


Niti, our guide, plays this native instrument

View from a restaurant we stopped at. Feral cats and dogs were everywhere. It was a common belief that dogs scare away the evil spirits so they had the run of the place


The Mother Temple

Transporting stone on her head!

Praying at the temple



Leigh, Madeline & Taki

Our Guide Niti and another guide

The highest point in the Mother Temple