Hawaii March 1996

Big Island


Hotel - Hilton Resort in Waikoloa on the sunny Kohala Coast

Waterfall Pool

Under the waterfall is a hidden grotto and  Jacuzzi 

Another view of the Waterfall Pool

One of the waterslides


4 Acre Lagoon

Snorkeling with the fishes and sea turtles.

Bridges over the pools

There are 3 pools, 2 are HUGE. The 3rd is adults only.

There are swimable 'rivers' that connect the pools together.

Background: snow on Mauna Kea

Foreground: Tram used in the Hotel 'cuz it's so big.

There are also boat trams, more scenic than the regular tram, but not as speedy, depends on your agenda

Ocean Tower

There are 3 different towers in the resort. We stayed in this one

The Dolphins!

You can swim with them, for a fee of course

Our Room

It was on the ground floor, so you could open the sliding glass door and be right out on the lawn.

The view from our room

The Grand Entrance

The Grand Staircase



Akaka Falls

420 foot drop

Jimmy and Jim

Jimmy and Madeline

Nani Mau Gardens

Very nice Botanical Garden on the Hilo side.

A waterfall on the Hamakua Coast

Madeline & Jimmy on the Hamakua Coast

Star, Rosie and Jimmy at the Hamakua Coast

At Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Mauna Loa

Keanakako'i Crater

At one of the more recent flows.

The lava (obviously) stopped traffic on this road!

Steam created from current lava flow into the ocean

On the Kona Side of the island.

People (probably only tourists) use the white rocks for 'grafitti' on the dark lava rocks. It looked pretty cool.