February 2000

San Fernando: The Capital City of the Province of La Union

The Capital Building

San Fernando: Sea Side

San Fernando: Mountain Side


Visiting 'Auntie' Aning, my mother's cousin

Farm in San Juan

The 'Big' house on the farm

Children at the farm in San Juan

At the beach in Lingsat

Virginia and Andrew Duncan with Veron

The Triplex in Lingsat

Another view of the Triplex

In the faint background is the city of Manila.

Photo taken from Island Cove in Cavite City.

Taal Volcano

One of the smallest volcano's in the world

Fruit stand

Zeny and Mavi, friends of cousin Virginia, help pick fruit at one of the roadside stands.

Manila Bay Sunset Cruise

Sunset on Manila Bay

Ancient Church Ruins in Legaspi City

Mayon Volcano

This erupted while I was there. We arrived at night after a 12 LONG hour bus ride. At night, we were able to see the lava flow however the next morning, the volcano was shrouded in clouds.

Pindoy-Taradel Family

At the 60th Wedding Anniversary of my

Auntie Felomena and Uncle Frank Pindoy

Uncles and Aunt


The hardest trip I've ever taken and will probably ever take.