Bear Tracks

March 10, 2001


Ron called us and said "Don't be disturbed, but a bear just ran though your yard."  Disturbed! We were excited!! After we assessed that the bear was gone, we went outside, checked out the tracks and took a bunch of pictures with Ron. Too bad we didn't actually see the bear like Ron did!

In the summer, we actually saw a bear running across Highway 108 though Sugarpine. It was about 8pm and still light out. We wonder if it was the same bear. Bears in this area aren't very common.

(Click on image to view larger size)

He just kinda bounced his way across our driveway

We tried to measure how large his paw print was

Of course a ruler would make a better measuring stick! We figured it was a good 6" across.

The next weekend the tracks showed up much clearer.