March 2001


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Lauree, Jim, Jimmy and Madeline

After our awesome Helicopter Tour

Dinner at Tidepools at the Hyatt

At Waimea Canyon

In the Manini-holo Dry Cave

We went 4WD...also on the dunes at Polihale

Beautiful Sunset


Na Pali Coast

It's impossible to express the awesomeness of this coastline. These pictures are pretty good but until you see them in person, you can't understand its grandeur. 'The Ultimate Kauai Guidebook' describes them as: "This is an area where razor-thin, almost two-dimensional mountains rise parallel to each other. leaving impossibly tall and narrow valleys between them."



Wailua Falls

Wailua Falls

Wailua Falls from the Helicopter

Manawaiopuna Falls,

 better recognized as the waterfalls used in Jurassic Park

Only viewable and accessible by helicopter

'Opaeka'a Falls

Panoramic Shot of 'Opaeka'a Falls


Waimea Canyon

Mark Twain describes Waimea Canyon as "the Grand Canyon of the Pacific". Each layer represents a different eruption and subsequent lava flow. It's 10 miles long, 1 mile wide and over 3,600 feet deep.


Hanalei Bay

Sunset over Hanalei Bay

Spectacular view from the Hanalei Bay Resort

Lauree and Madeline at the Princeville

Lauree and Jim at the Princeville

Jimmy and Madeline overlooking Hanalei Bay

Hanalei Valley, where most of the taro in Hawaii is grown. Taro root is used to make poi. (ick!)



This incredible beach is as far as the road will take you...and it's not an easy road to travel. Dirt and very, very bumpy. But it's an amazing coastline, and at its most northern point is where the Na Pali Coast starts. The dunes here can get up to 100 feet high. We met some very interesting people here who speak "fluent" Pigin. (hee) We also managed to get the jeep stuck in the sand here. It was well after sunset and completely dark by the time were were able to dig the jeep out with the help from 3 surfers and a guy from Marin.

Sunset at Polihale Beach.

The start of the Na Pali Coast

I love the setting sun this mountain ridge. The field is sugar cane.


Wild Life

Koi at the Hyatt

Red-Crested Cardinal at Waimea Canyon

Black Swans at the Hyatt

Monk Seal at Shipwreck Beach

I saw this cute guy on our very last day. He was the cutest, especially when he scratched his chin and neck...I think he was just doing it for the attention. hee hee!

Rooster and Chicken seen EVERYWHERE!

During the hurricane, which devastated the island in '92, they were freed from private coops and have proliferated. I'm serious...they are everywhere. There are also a lot of feral cats.

On the very left bottom, those 2 white water marks are humpback whales!! We saw them from the helicopter. They are incredibly large creatures. Documentaries can't even relate their immense size...you know their big, but until you see them from above, you have no idea.


Hyatt Regency in Poipu

The saltwater lagoon. Nice, 'cuz you can swim in it. Besides being very salty, it's very warm, too.

Shipwreck Beach fronts the Hyatt. The cliff in the distance is called Makawehi Point, some adventurous people will jump off, seems pretty scary to me.

I donno...I have a thing for taking pictures of park benches. It started at Buchart Gardens in Victoria, B.C in 1995. Ever since, I love taking pictures of park benches and swings.

The Koi at Tidepools: an awesome restaurant in the Hyatt. Incredible ambiance and food.

The river pools and slide. A lot of fun!!