Highway 108 to Bridgeport

Sept. 2002

We've had the cabin for 3 years, but this was the first time that we actually drove all the way over Highway 108 to Highway 295 and into Bridgeport. It takes quite a while to drive, it took us probably 6-7 hours to drive over it and back, maybe even longer. By the time we got to Bridgeport, it was already dark. We had dinner and headed back.

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Jimmy and Tricksie

Ron's barrel of flowers

Carved bear in Sierra Village

Before Dardanelles

Creek at Kennedy Meadows

One of the many granite peaks we'll see today

Looking back

Climbing up 108

Still climbing up 108

Granite Cliffs

Jimmy computes the route

Wildflowers along the road

Amazing that there's a waterfall left this late in the season

And even a little bit of snow!


As we head into the Subalpine level, the landscape changes

Twisted Sierra Juniper

Finally at the Summit!

Starting down the 108 towards Bridgeport

Mountain range at the Summit

At the Summit

Aspen Grove


'Quaking Aspens'

The aspens were shimmering in the breeze!

Madeline enjoys walking thru the Aspen Grove

a herd of cows just past the summit