En Route to Boston

August 23, 2004


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En Route to Boston

On our way to Boston, we stopped at Mystic, Connecticut for dinner. Keeping with the pop culture theme, Jimmy brought me to Mystic Pizza. We ate in the renovated upstairs and enjoyed the good pizza and view of the town.

Yes, it was a slice of heaven!

The Mystic River Drawbridge

We were there just in time to watch them lift and lower the drawbridge. It was pretty cool, actually. I've never seen a real drawbridge in action.

The little boats can go under the bridge when it's just partially drawn...

but the big boats have to wait till its fully drawn.

The quaint town of Mystic, Connecticut

Phish's sail boat dry docked


We were so proud to be riding in a car that represented us as New Jersians.

A massive yacht that was inconceivable to envision the lifestyle to own such a beast.



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