Other Misc. Pics - 2004

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Pleasanton Stamp Club Christmas Dinner

December 16th

Anita and Deanna enjoy their lobster dinners!

Dec. 16

at Basil Leaf Cafe in Danville


Budding Stampers Stamp Club Christmas Dinner

December 6th

I couldn't fit us all in 1 shot

At Van's Restaurant in Belmont


Arlene and Madeline - I should superimpose us into one of the other pictures! :)

Campbell Marbles

Campbell Rec Center

Sept. 1st

Full Moon

Aug 1st

Valco Scrimmage

July 20

Kincades, Oakland

July 17

Weeping Angel

Stanford University

Twin Peaks


Santa Cruz


April 2004

Wisteria tree in the back yard

March 2004

Blooming Wisteria

Peggy, Brady and Madeline

March 2004 


madretz 2004