Every year Linda plans a trip to Disneyland, this year, I joined her and her friends Donna and Shannon. We were there during Halloween weekend and we were entertained not only by the simple thrill of being at Disneyland, the most magical place on earth, but also by the many children dressed up as their favorite characters.

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Entering the park

In California Adventures

In line for Soaring over California

In Tower of Terror

I haven't seen this parade since i was 6!!!

Playing with the camera and a long shutter speed

View of CA Adventures from our room

Entering the park, the Queen of Hearts taunts us

Disney band welcoming us into the park at 8am!

Alice with the Mad Hatter and Tweedledee (or dum).

Haunted Mansion

Jack from Nightmare before Christmas

It was so awesome! The entire Haunted Mansion was decorated in "Nightmare b4 Christmas

Tigger - in the 100 Acre Woods

Tigger gives Shannon some serious lovin'


Inside Pooh's Adventure

On Big Thunder Mountain

Mr. Toad


What a cute idea Shannon had!! We posed next to these small statues in the same position. Linda and I pose like Chip and Dale...


Donna poses like Daffy Duck...

And Shannon poses like Minnie Mouse

Next in line for Autopia




Its a Small World


cute child playing in Toontown

My turn now!




Cinderella's Castle

Mushu - in California Adventures


In front of the Napa vineyards - CA Adventures

learning about wine

Spectacular Fireworks!

In Legoland store in Downtown Disney.

Giant giraffe (thinking of you Ash!)

Empire State Building

(thinking of you Bee!)



Photos by Shannon indicated by ©sg. All others taken by me or anyone who was kind enough to take a photo of all 4 of us.

© madretz 2004