July 3rd, 2004


I heard about Filoli about6 or 7 years ago, its a 654 acre estate in Woodside that known for its amazing gardens. My friend Linda, who had also heard about Filoli but never visited, ran a relay last year and her leg of the run brought her by Filoli in the middle of the moon-filled night. Since we had both heard about it but never went, we took this opportunity to practice our photography skills on the amazing gardens as well as taking a guided nature hike throughout the hillside of Filoli.

Filoli stands for Fight-Love-Live

Filoli's Website



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At the Garden Shop

Sunken Garden

Sunken Garden

Swimming Pool

Sunken Garden

Sundial within the Walled GArden

Rose Garden



Georgian Mansion


Nature Hike

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2004 Madretz