Hearts of San Francisco

After learning about the citywide heart displays, Linda and I knew we had to plan a day to check them out. We parked on the Embarcadero and walked along Market Street to Union Square. Then we headed towards the Civic Center Plaza and the War Memorial Opera House. In total, I think we saw and photographed about 20 hearts.

Hearts of San Francisco Website

Twin Peeks

Dave Warnke


Kim Anno

El Corazon

Charles Gadeken


Daniel Phill

Entangled Heart

Tor Archer

Striped Heart

Brigette McReynolds

Faces at Embaradero Center

The Search

Claire McQueeney


Pop Heart

Students, Staff and Faculty of FIDM

Heart Beat

Maura Kendrick

Voodoo Hissy Fit

Fain Hancock

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Lori Kay

Street Life Greek Vase

Bill Russell

To Fill the Blanks

Jud Bergeron

Beat Heart Beat

David Povilaitis

Wild Things

Stephanie Jucker

Fall Cart in the Ferry Building

Fall Flowers

Ferry Building

Ferry Building