Las Vegas Hockey Festival

October 2004


Jimmy and Lun joined the Las Vegas Hockey Festival this year. It was a 4 day tournament from Thursday October 7th, till Sunday October 10th.  They played for the San Jose Jets with 11 other players. Their first game was at 6:20pm at the Fiesta Hotel Thursday evening, followed by 2 more games at the Ice Center on Flamingo Blvd. on Friday and Saturday evening. After losing all 3 games, they weren't able to move onto the playoffs, but they went in knowing that for most of the other teammates, the tournament was just a good excuse to go to Vegas with a bunch of buddies. It looked like they were having a lot of fun and were all giving it their best effort on the ice. In addition to hockey, we happily spent the weekend with the Parentals and had an amazing time with them and Lun and Melani.

The San Jose Jets

Go G!!

Get that puck Lun!

On Sunday, we went to Red Rock Canyon and did a little hiking.

View of the Strip from Red Rock Canyon.

Jimmy and Lun surveying the road to make sure the Lexus will make it over the terrain.

Hike to the Rock Art geocache.

Answer to Rock Art geocache and verification that these are real.


Ancient Indian Pictographs

Group pic in front of the pictographs

Melani and Lun

Madeline and Jimmy

Checking out the pictographs

Desert vegetation

Finding the Brownstone Gate geocache

Reading and signing the log

Yay! Our brave little Lexus made it through the rough terrain and steep washes.

At Red Rock Canyon Vista Point

Wild Donkeys in Red Rock Canyon

Dinner at the Steak House in the Circus Circus

Our 1 and only visit to the Strip. After dinner Sunday night on the way to the airport.

Ben doesn't want to see us go, so he insists on sitting in our bags so we can't pack.

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