Andrew and June invited Jimmy and Madeline, Jim and Rosie, and Joan and Bill (Andrew's parents) to Reno for the weekend. A wonderful mini-vacation with family. Great conversations, delicious foods, and Jimmy and Madeline even got a little geocaching in since they don't gamble.

Jimmy, Andrew and June

Madeline, Jimmy, Andrew and June


Cool windmills on the lampposts. There were several different designs.





Geocache #1 - Basque Sheepherder. Failed :(

Supposedly, the cache is by that green thing. Didn't find it, but...

enjoyed the view...

as much as you could enjoy the view of Reno, that is. The snowy mountains help a lot.

Geocache #2 - Dam Curiosity. Failed :(

After carefully crossing this rocky damn, the attempt to climb up the steep hill to the train tracks seemed too dangerous, especially w/ Madeline's clumsy footing and Jimmy's Birkenstock clogs.

The train was cool though.


Geocache #3 - A Taste Of Reno. Failed :(

Somewhere in this park is a cache we couldn't find. There were a lot of muggles and yet again, unsafe footing.

At least we had a nice cold and windy view.


Geocache #4 - A wonderful bird is the pelican. Success!

The family truckster brought us w/in 100 feet of the cache. This one was surprising easy to find. Jimmy found it, but Madeline 'dug' it out.

Madeline subconsciously wanted to be generous and leave the GPS. We had to go back and retrieve it.

No pelicans, but a few other water fowl. Canadian Geese flying overhead.

Luxury SUV trekking in Reno.



2005 Madretz