Colma and SF
Is it strange to wanna go to cemeteries for a photo shot? Not in my book. Linda and I went on March 8th to practice photography. The sun was pretty bright and high in the sky so cast quite a lot of shadows. Being there gave me a good opportunity to reflect and think about my parents.

Afterwards, we headed into the city and had lunch at Crepevine in the Castro. There's a cool little flower shop next door and I couldn't resist taking some photos. A nice, cheery transition from our time in the cemetery. After lunch and a little shopping at Flax Art, we were required to go to Ghirardelli Square for ice cream. If you're in the city, it's the law to go to Ghirardelli Square.

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At Holy Cross Cemetery in Colma

A cheery transition from the cemetery: flowers and ice cream.


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