San Jose Races
On October 8th, Linda and a couple of her friends ran in San Jose's Inaugural Rock n Roll half marathon and I went along to cheer them on. It was a lot of fun and totally worth waking up at 5:40am. The city looks pretty cool in the morning, and riding the VTA into downtown with runners at 6 in the morning was a little surreal for me, the couch potato. This race seemed to draw some extremely elite runners. The men's champion finished in 1 hour, 22 seconds - the second fasted time ran on American soil.

The Silicon Valley Marathon route ran 2 blocks from my house at mile 5 and 21 and one of Linda's friends was running in it so we went out to cheer him on. It was cool seeing all these motivated runners in my neighborhood. And this, along with the annual Halloween parade my neighborhood throws, I get a great sense of pride living where I do.

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San Jose Rock n Roll half marathon

Silicon Valley Marathon


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