This is my friend, Linda. We grew up together in Apple Valley and were friends since the third or forth grade. Immediately after high school, we lost touch so we haven't seen or heard from each other in 21 years. I'm not exactly sure how I found out that she lived in Anchorage, but somehow though the grapevine, I knew she had moved there. So I logged onto to see if I could find her, and I did! We've been emailing since April, both of us looking forward to reconnecting during my visit to Anchorage. She took Friday off of work and showed me the beautiful sights in and around Anchorage. Her son Jacob hung out with us all day, too. He's about the same age that Linda and I were when we first met. When Roni found out that I had a friend who lived in Anchorage, she graciously invited Linda to the wedding, also. Coincidentally, Linda and John work at the same company but didn't know each other because John drives the glass trucks and Linda works in the office. So Linda and I had a few extra hours during the wedding to hang out, reminisce about the high desert and catch up on the last 21 years. Thanks Linda for an awesome time and thanks Roni for extending the invitation to my friend!

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Spenard Builders

Where Linda and John work

In Linda's Office

Overlooking Turnagain Arm

Linda and Jacob

At McHugh Creek

Jacob at McHugh Creek

Those tiny white dots? Dall Sheep.  Click on photo to see 'em better. Or see next photo.

Dall Sheep.

They seem as interested in us as we are of them.

um...where's she taking me? lol!

Explorer Glacier

This is described as a "hanging" glacier

Jacob at Portage Creek

At Portage Creek with a view of the hanging glacier.

The water in the creek gets it's color from the glaciers that feed into it. Stunning color in person!

At Eklunta Lake on the day of John and Roni's wedding.

At Eklutna Lake

Madeline and Jimmy at Eklutna Lake

Silliness with John and Roni's party favors

Smile Pretty!

So this is what happens when you're in Alaska for too long!?! :)

AVHS Class of 1986

There aren't any good dentist's in Alaska.



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