Boatman's Treasure Geocache

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Geocaching Adventure #13

July 12, 2004


On this 100 + day, we went to New Melones Lake with Linda. While enjoying our little boating excursion, we had to check out one of the geocaches at the lake. Hiking up to the top of the hill was pretty daunting because of the heat and fear of rattle snakes, but once we were at the top, the trees provided much needed shade.

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Click a picture to see a larger view.

The cache is up there somewhere

View of our boat from the top of the hill

view of the relatively dry lake from the top of the hill

checking out the grand oaks

The clue told us to "hollow loud if you find it"

The Cache container

The Booty

Linda replaces the cache

our coordinates

After our hike, we took a swim in the lake and an eagle flew above us and landed in the trees on the island where the cache was.




Our Log:

 July 12, 2004 by jretz (43 found)
We found this one on a hot 100* day, but definitely worth the trek. The view from the top was great. We were weary of rattling reptiles, but luckily encountered none. However, while we were swimming after our trek to cool off, a bald eagle circled above us a couple of times then finally landed in a tree on the same island as the cache. Yes, it really was a bald eagle!! While we were boating, we saw lots of hawks and another huge bird of prey, perhaps an osprey or red-tailed hawk.
There were a few other logs listed in the logbook besides the ones shown here.
We found a lizard on top of the cache, so we left one inside. . Took Lisa Simpson.

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