San Juan Capistrano

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I went to the Mission San Juan Capistrano today while Jimmy worked with Eric in Laguna Beach. It closed at 5pm because they had an event that night and had to finish setting up. I wanted to give as much time as possible for Jimmy to work, so I thought I could do a few geocaches on my own around Capistrano. This was the 1st time I've gone geocaching alone and actually used the GPS w/o Jimmy's help. I gotta admit, I'm pretty proud of myself because I found all 3 of the caches I did today! I wasn't convinced that I could figure out the GPS alone, but it was a piece of cake!


Micro Cache Primer
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After leaving the Mission, I intrusted myself to the GPS and hoped for the best. Happily, the GPS led me right to the cache! It was located directly on the side of the street, so I never had to go into "off road" mode. I drove to w/in 5 feet of  the cache and with the hint, I found it w/in a couple of minutes. There were a few people walking along the road, but they were gone w/in a few minutes, so I grabbed the tin, brought it into my car and signed the log and traded goodies. I took a few pictures so if anyone was looking, it 'may' have looked like I was just going some survey work or something official because why else would anyone be photographing a big green box? When all was clear, I replaced the cache where I found it. I traded a $1 Las Vegas Sands silver Dollar for a $8 Governator Bill.

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Drove right to it!

GPS coordinates


Our Log:

 June 14 by jretz (20 found)
In Laguna for a graduation this week so we've done a few caches while we're here. Found this one after visiting the Mission. Took $8 bill, left Las Vegas $1 gaming token, SL.


Geocache Colour Clash
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When I read the info on this cache, I had a feeling it was here because I noticed the colourful farm equipment on my way to the Mission. This one was easy to find, once I had the chance to get to it. It was around 5:30pm, and there's a market in the same shopping center, so lots of people milling around. Actually, the cache is in a part of the parking lot that isn't very populated, but there are lots of eyes as people drive by and of course, a person wandering around a semi-isolated part of the parking lot is an attention grabber. Additionally, a Mercedes pulled up just on the other side of my car, and the occupant didn't leave! I thought I was foiled, but my determination paid off. I just kept clicking pictures, feigning  interest in the equipment. Actually, the equipment was pretty interesting and very colourful, but after 15 minutes it wasn't that interesting anymore. Once I spotted the micro-cache, i took it to my car, signed the log, and sly-ly put it back.

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I wanted to check out the market, but decided to do another cache instead.

Lots of Colourful equipment

GPS Points near that windmill

After a bit of patience, I found the cache.


Our Log:

 June 14 by jretz (22 found)
Visited at 5:30pm so many people around doing after work errands. Was almost thwarted when a car pulled in near me, but I pretended (actually, I wasn't pretending the first 5 minutes) that I was very interested in the colourful objects. Fun place! TNSL.


The Jolly Green Giant

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My last cache for the day. This was nice and easy, too, like the first one. It was located near a community garden, and there were only a few people there and they were busy tending to their plants to really pay attention to me. But I tried to look busy taking pictures of the baseball park nearby in case anyone did happen to see me. The park was empty, too. I was afraid it was in the porta-potty (gross) but with the hint, I easily found it right where it should be.

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Community Gardens

Found, right where it should be

The booty

 June 14 by jretz (21 found)
Luckily not too many people around this evening, around 6pm. A few in the garden, but easy to be stealth since they were tending to their vegetables. Visiting from the Bay Area for a graduation so we're trying to do a few caches while we're here. TNSL.

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