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March 1, 2003

Our first Geocaching attempt


When we went to www.geocaching.com, we entered our zip code for the cabin. Voila! Up popped over 50 caches within a 20 mile radius of us. Since it was our 1st cache, we wanted to try something simple. Ha! It wasn't as simple as we had thought. We found the location easily enough, but finding the actual cache eluded us. Here are some of the pictures and information we had:


FFs hard work

N 37 58.097 W 120 13.975

To honor those before us.

Went by this a number of times. This was the first time I stopped to see what it was. I've used these before not in work but play. This is a great tribute to them.
This a small cache with only a pencil and log sheet.

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This is what we found at the coordinates. It's a hose cart house built in tribute to the Toulumne County Firefighters. But we never found the cache. Also, one of the neighbors (a geomuggle) was giving us the evil eye and even yelled at us, so we decided that it was time to leave.

A plaque built in tribute to the Toulumne County Firefighters. After you're done paying your respects, be sure and head to the casino down the road (!).

While we were in Tuolumne, we decided to do a bit of exploring so we headed up the road that goes to Cherry Lake. We drove way the heck up there, it seemed like we went on forever, finally turned around since it was getting dark.


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