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June 12, 2004

We're staying with Lauree and Jim in Irvine before Elizabeth's graduation on the 17th, so while we're here, we wanted to do a little bit of geocaching. Today,


UCI Arbo Cache

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It was 2:45 when we finished lunch which was 2 minutes away, so we quickly headed to the UCI Arboretum to find this cache before 3 when it closed. We finally introduced Jim and Rosie to geocaching, figuring this would be a good one for Rosie since it was in an Arboretum. This was a fun cache because it was a physical cache and we actually got to see treasures and exchange something. Lauree and Jim did one of the virtual caches with us in Yosemite, so I'm sure they had fun finding a physical cache to see the booty. The coordinates pointed to an area that was near the lawn, and Lauree quickly found it behind a little shrub. We left a tweety pin, signed the log but took nothing.

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Lauree finds the cache!! Yay Lauree!!

Rosie, Jim and Lauree contemplate what to leave.

Jim looks on while Jimmy shows him how we store the information onto the iPod.

The view from the cache

Nearby lawn, perfect for a picnic

Beautiful marble sculpture

Our Log:

 June 12 by jretz (19 found)
We're in town for a graduation in Laguna Beach and staying with Sis in Irvine. In fact, she’s the one who found both of our caches today! She had never been here before so this was the perfect opportunity for her to see the Arboretum. Left Tweety Pin, TNSL.



Duck, Duck, Goose

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Lauree knew exactly where the wildlife sanctuary was but had never been here before so she was looking forward to this geocache. That's the fun thing about geocaching, it takes you to places that you wouldn't otherwise be motivated to going. The trails were very well maintained, but would get very hot if the temperatures were high since there weren't many trees for shade. As it was, at about 80 degrees, it was almost uncomfortable. Lauree, Jim, Jimmy and I wandered down the trail, and in less than 1/2 a mile, we got to the coordinates. Now, it was a matter of finding the cache. With 4 of us looking, it was uncovered within 5 minutes. Lauree found this one again!! I think she's a natural for this hobby! We also found an interesting benchmark for the Irvine Water District. We signed the log, but took nothing and left nothing since it was a micro. There were a few little trinkets in it though, a couple of small ornaments.

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San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary

Lauree finds it again!!

There it is!

This benchmark for the Irvine Water District was nearby

Large Egret fishing


Our Log:

 June 12 by jretz (22 found)
Visiting from San Jose for a graduation in Laguna. Sis & Bro-in-law live here in Irvine. Nice trails. Sis found it w/in 5 minutes. She's got a knack for this!! TNSL.


Dawgs Life
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The last 5 logs were "did not finds" so we went up with the expectation that it wouldn't be there. Lauree, Jimmy and I looked for a good 30 minutes before deciding that it truly wasn't there anymore. However, the view from the top of that hill was very nice. It was a trail that Lauree was very familiar with, and had nicknamed "Man in a Wheelchair" because at the top of the hill is a post with 2 trash barrels attached to it and from afar, it looks like a wheelchair.

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Jimmy and Lauree looking for the cache

View from the top of "Man in a Wheelchair" hill

Our Log:

 June 12 by jretz (19 found)
We agree with the previous post(s). Since no one has found this since January, it's a good chance it's really gone. 3 of us looked for over 1/2 an hour searching everywhere w/in 50-75 feet from the coordinates and the hint. We did take a few minutes to enjoy the views, though.

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