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Went on a trip to Mendocino with my girlfriend Linda and since we got her hooked on geocaching, the two of us managed to find 3 of them on our vacation, sans Jimmy! Check out the rest of our Mendo pics here.


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Russian Gulch

link to the geocaching website

We searched for this one for a long time but because the forest is so dense, we couldn't lock onto enough satellites. Also, the hint threw us off a bit. The hint was: "Behind a big moss covered tree". Most of the mossy trees were on the river side of the trail so we kept searching on that side. I finally found a very suspicious mossy tree hill side and voila! behind it, there laid the cache!

Suspicious mossy tree

Yahoo!!! After searching for...oh...45 minutes (?) I finally found it!!

The booty

Our Log:

 July 24, 2004 by jretz (43 found)
Whew! This was tough because our signal was very spotty. We couldn't get any signal on the way up, so decided to give it another try on the way down from the Fern Canyon Trail. Locked into 3 solid satellites just long enough to get within 150 feet of the cache and just started looking at all the mossy trees. I highly recommend making the trek all the way to the falls, in fact, do the whole loop.
There was a little moisture in the container. Took a Freak sticker, left a compass. Signed log with friend cacher, BC.


Lighthouse Too

link to the geocaching website

This was such a nice walk out to the ocean. It was about 1/2 a mile to the lighthouse from the parking lot and we met Chase and his mom and little brother on the way out. His dad worked at the lighthouse and they were going to visit him.

This was a virtual cache and all do to verify that we were at this cache was email the owner the color of the roof. It was easy, but we may not have visited this lighthouse if it weren't for the cache...we may have...but the cache definitely persuaded us to go for sure. And we were treated to a typical foggy Mendocino coast foggy afternoon.

Point Cabrillo Lighthouse

with a red roof

much needed light on this foggy afternoon

Our Log:

 July 24, 2004 by jretz (43 found)
Beautiful spot on the north coast!


Glass Beach 2
link to the geocaching website

OMG. This was a very cool beach!!! Well, the history isn't so cool, the area was used as a dump and the glass is remnants from old bottles. So, we were pretty much in heaven, collecting way too much sea glass and being able to find a geocache at the same time.

Linda pulls it out the cache

The now empty hiding place.

The goodies and our gps

Ocean view of the cache

Lots of sea glass


Our Log:

 July 25, 2004 by jretz (43 found)
Made our way down to the main beach and collected quite a bit of glass, but knew that we weren't on the right track for the cache. Trekked to the other beach and no one was there - Yahoo! Found the cache fairly quickly then started filling our bags with more glass. What are we going to do with it once we get home?
Left a tiki shot glass and took the dino egg. SL with friend cacher, BC, aka Phinn.

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2005 Madretz