Mt. Provo and Walk the Plank Caches

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Mt. Provo 4-Wheelin'

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GPS lead us to a road that was closed so we had to divert to another. Once we were on top of the mountain, we parked and started hiking up a trail. Wrong trail. Well, we made our way through some really thick brush for a bit, found another trail then easy as pie, we were on the peak. Found the cache pretty quickly but it was soggy and stinky, blech. On our way down, we found the trail we should have been on in the first place. When we got to the road, it was no wonder we didn't see it! A huge burm was plowed right over the path where it connected to the road. Nice walk though the forest. Our neighbor said that it was common for people to drive their junkers up Mt. Provo and just leave them for eternity.

We need to be there

We made it! View facing the valley

Jimmy searches

'Hollow loud'

coordinates and booty

amazing what people will leave


there's our car...way down there

Our Log:

 May 14 by jretz (46 found)
Hiked up the wrong trail but eventually found our way to the top of Mt. Provo and the cache. The view was amazing, we were there on a clear, sunny day! The container was full of water and so was one of the Ziploc bags - it's starting to smell pretty moldy. Took wizard, left sheriff badge, sl. Thanks!

Walk The Plank

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I gotta tell ya, this cache kinda freaked me out. That walking the plank bit, not exactly my cup of tea. Jimmy walked it fine, but I'm not exactly confident with my footing. So I had to block everything out of my mind and just concentrate on putting one foot in front of the other and count each step as I went. I had a feeling that if I stopped half way (which was tempting because I started shaking) i would have had a panic attack right in the middle of the plank and probably would have had to c-r-a-w-l back to the platform. Happily we found the cache, I would have been really disappointed if I went though all that fear for nothing. That aside, Lyon's lake was beautiful and so was the dam. All 4 of the floodgates were open because there was so much runoff from all the melting snow.

Lyon's Dam

Another view

No kidding

Jimmy trying to find satellite reception

the plank narrows

Jimmy goes ahead

we made it! phew. And this cave looks suspicious...

yup, there it is.


the flume brings water the water to our community



Our Log:

 May 14 by jretz (46 found)
Very fun but also very scary for one of us. Had to just concentrate on putting one foot in front of the other - didn't want to stop half way for fear of not being able go further or even back. View was phenomenal and the damn was raging - all 4 flood gates were open. I couldn’t imagine doing this in the dark or dusk or on a windy day! We were there around 4:30. Took lobster, left frog, signed log.