Pinecrest Virtual

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April 17, 2004

Geocaching Adventure #5


Pinecrest Virtual

N 38 11.604 W 119 59.604

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This location is near a beautiful lake with a gorgeous background of granite rock carved by glaciers.

Please email us the answers to the questions before posting your find. You may post your find after we e-mail you back confirming your correct answers. Do not post your answers on the cache page. Thank you and enjoy the area!!

#1 What object is at this location?

#2 What do you see if you are facing east?

#3 N 38 11.480 / W 119 59.592

-What large object is near this location?


We headed up to Pinecrest after a quick stop to find the chalice that people were talking about at the Lava Mama geocache. We got up to the lake around 7pm, it was cold and starting to snow lightly. The trees were dusted with fresh snow, although the ground was bare. Since it was so cloudy, our GPS had trouble locking into enough satellites to give us very accurate readings. While we were looking for the answers to questions #1 and #2, our accuracy was within about 30 feet, which was the best the GPS read the whole time we were there. Even though our fingers were nearly frozen, we continued onto find the answer to #3, however our accuracy dropped to within 70-100 feet - so it could have been anywhere. Luckily, there was a hint, so that helped. We e-mailed the cache owner and luckily got all of the answers right! We enjoyed the seat heaters in the car on the way to dinner at La Morenita in Cold Springs!!

The lone car in the parking lot

Answer to question #1

A cold view of Pinecrest Lake

Anwer to question #2

Anwer to question #3

Our log:

 April 17 by jretz (6 found)
A quiet, cold Saturday evening at the lake. We pretty much had the whole area to ourselves since it was late (7pm) and lightly snowing; nonetheless most of the winter's snow has melted, so unless a lot more snow is expected, the other caches around the area should be doable soon if not now.

madretz 2004