Waterfall #1

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June 4, 2005

Linda joined us again on one of our geocaching adventures. We hiked to this cache about...oh...2.5 to 3 miles and were thrilled with the views along the way and were treated with an amazing waterfall near the cache. The last time this cache was found was in 2003 so we were so excited to be the 1st ones to find it since then, especially since it was unknown if the cache was still there. Just seeing how much water there was everywhere was unbelievable. Round trip was about a 5-6 mile hike - next time we'll remember to bring snacks to re-fuel. Water alone didn't cut it before lunch with altitude hiking.

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Kennedy Meadow

Bridge crossing Stanislaus River

Waterfall #1

Perspective on size of waterfall

Linda spots the cache

logging our find



Our Log:


 June 4 by jretz (46 found)
Yahoo! After what looks like a 2 year hibernation, this cache was found on a warm, clear June day. The container was very healthy and all the contents were dry, zero sign of moisture or mildew. The waterfall was simply breathtaking. This winter we had a very heavy snowfall so there has been a ton of runoff at all of the rivers and creeks so if anyone is watching this cache, we highly recommend this hike and cache find. The trail is well marked and not very difficult, just remember to bring water and snacks to re-fuel. The view from the cache site of the valley below is stunning and there are lots of rocks to sit and enjoy the serenity after you’ve logged your find. Certainly one of the best cache sites we’ve been to. Thank you Ron Streeter for another amazing cache – we would never have come here without the knowledge that a cache was here. SL, took level, left mini-carabiner.



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