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We had to go to Sacramento to deliver the Sea-Doo to the new owners so while we were there, we made time to do 1 quick geocache. The new owners lived near the American River so we decided to do a virtual cache there. The funny thing about our route to the cache site was there were a lot of  wandering chickens in that neighborhood. Made us think of Kauai, but these chickens were sort of scrawny unlike the buff ones in Kauai.

Well, a little word about these pictures. We brought our camera but after trying to take a picture of the ships in the bay while crossing over the Benicia Bridge, an error flashed that said "CF Card Error". Doh. I totally forgot to put the card back in. Damnit. So you all must know how disappointed I was since I love to take...oh...a zillion pictures wherever I am. So, I snatched these from the geocaching website. I just couldn't capture what an amazing day it was, sunny but even though the high's were in the 90s, it was very comfortable at the bridge since it was already around 7p and the river provided a bit of a cooler location. Plus, I couldn't capture the lowering sun and the yellows it cast in the sky and on the trees. The river was very full since we had an amazing amount of snow this past winter. And there was a cool dog swimming in the river, fetching a big stick for its owner. Additionally, there were a lot of ducks in the river just hanging out being...ducks.


The plaque where all the answers are.

Cross it when you come to it.

Bridge view from a distance


1: Why was this structure originally built?

To connect Fair Oaks to the railroad spur in Folsom

2: When was it completed??


3: How much did it cost to build??


4: What happened here in 1907, 1915, and 1967??

1907-it was washed out

1915-the bridge was first crossed by a motorized vehicle

1967-it was closed to traffic

5: This marker was built as part of a project. What was the project??

The Jason Marty, Eagle Scout Project



Our Log:

 June 2 by jretz
Wow! Such a beautiful location. We were in the area for just a few moments and only had enough time to do one geocache. Very glad that we were did this one because the view of the river was breathtaking. Answers sent to cache owner. Thanks again!

madretz 2005