Lyon Crossing and Sierra Heights

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April May2nd, 2004

Geocaching Adventure #7

A beautiful sunny day in Tuolumne county. We only did 2 geocaches today, but did a lot of other adventuring afterwards.


Lyon Crossing

The gate down to Lyons Reservoir just opened on May 1st, so we headed down to the lake on the 2 mile gravel road. We've only been down here once before, a shame since it's so close to the cabin and it's such a beautiful place. It's a 'no body contact' lake, but you can fish from the shore. It was very full and the overflow at the dam created amazing waterfalls.

I was a bit handicapped because 2 days before I went on an 8 mile hike and wore improper socks and got major blisters on my heel so I was wearing clogs. Jimmy had to do all of the searching, and while he was, encountered many angry ants. He easily found the cache, traded a mermaid for a skater dude. We walked around for a while and explored the area. The wildflowers and dogwood were blooming and amazing!

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The 2 mile drive down a dirt road had lots of beautiful dogwood trees blooming.

Lyons Reservoir

Lyons Dam

The lake was very full!

View looking down the open floodgate.

Looking down from the overflow spill

Looking down river from the dam

That flume brings the water that supplies Mi Wuk.

View from the Cache

Jimmy's looking for the cache

We used the hint:

(Look for the two large nails in the downed log. Under the nails on the other side of the log.)

It's under there!

Yay! He found it!

More dogwoods along the lake.


Our Log:

 May 2 by jretz (12 found)
The gate just opened on May 1st, so we headed down to see the lake. It was full to the brim and one of the dam gates was open. Stunning and very loud! The dogwood trees were blooming and were so beautiful - there are a lot of them on the road down to the reservoir. With the gate open, the hike was less than 1/4 mile. We've been down here once before but this time of the year was amazing with the blooms and how full the lake was.
There were lots of angry ants around the cache. Took the skater-dude and left a mermaid to swim in the lake.



This was a virtual geocache at the Donnell Vista Point. We try to come here at least once a year because the view is so breathtaking, and this gave us another reason to visit, to log our find! There was only 1 other car there, but we had the point to ourselves. It's an easy 1/4 mile hike/stroll to the vista point, I think they try to make it wheelchair accessible. You can climb down a rocky path from the parking lot if you'd like, though. That path is quite a bit more challenging, especially going up in altitude, but since it's such a short hike, it's still fairly easy.

From the vista point, we saw Donnell lake. It was quite a bit lower than the other times we've gone to see it, maybe they've already emptied it partially? As always, it was quite hazy, breezy, but surprising not very cold, probably low-mid 60's. Also from the viewpoint, we could see the Dardanelles, volcanic peaks created 9 million years ago.

Donnell Vista Point

Getting a good reading


I think these are granite primroses...I'll have to check with Ron for sure.

Donnell Reservoir -

looking towards the dam

Donnell Reservoir -

the east end. Very low compared to our previous visits.

Cool mossy tree in the foreground of Dardanelles

Dardanelle Cone

Dardanelle Peak

Little friend sunning on the granite.

Our Log:

 May 2 by jretz (12 found)
We usually come here once a year to enjoy the spectacular views. The weather was fairly warm (mid 60's) and a touch breezy. Some small birds were playing just below was amazing watching them from above!

madretz 2004