Washington DC

March 20-26th


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On our last day in DC, Jimmy and I actually got to spend the morning together so we decided to find a few geocaches! What better way for the two of us to find the less obvious places to visit in DC. I've also included a few geocaches that I happened across while I was adventuring alone during the week.

Click a picture to see a larger view.

General of the Armies

N 38° 53.753 W 077° 01.945

This cache site is located just off of the DC Mall area.

This general was fundamental in the development of many of the strategems that are currently employed by our Armies today.

To retain credit for this cache visit, please e-mail answers the following questions:

1) Who is this General?

2) What is in his right hand?

3) What are the names of the campaigns listed on the walls immediately to the south?

Our Log:

 March 26 by jretz (40 found)
Thanks for the cache. We really enjoy the ones that take us to places we normally would have walked right by.

Answer #1: John J. Pershing

Answer #2: Binoculars

Answer #3: Western Front and...

The Meuse-Argonne Campaign


Expanse of Freedom

N 38° 53.753 W 077° 01.900
This virtual cache is located just off of the Washington DC Mall.

This virtual cache is to allow the geocacher to rest, reflect, and to cool down after geocaching activities.

The fountains spray water into the air, in effect chilling the air in the immediate vicinity.

With it's proximity to the metro system at coordinates N38' 54.026 W77' 01.920, this cache provides an easy exit to go home by.

To retain credit for this virtual cache, answer the following questions:

1) What is the name of this place?

2) In what year was it dedicated?

Our Log:

 March 26 by jretz (40 found)
Thanks for another fun cache!

Answer #1: Freedom Plaza

Answer #2: 1980

Jimmy checking the coordinates


a Wood Chuck's Paradise

N 38° 53.706 W 077° 02.179
This cache is located just off of the Washington DC Mall.

Near the White House, there are a number of gardens with special trees that have been donated for various reasons over the span of time after the white house has been constructed.

To claim credit for this virtual cache, please email to my profile address via geocaching.com the answers to these questions:

1) What type of tree this is? Specifically, I need to know what current species (today) that it is. Not what it was originally.

2) The ceremony involving this tree was started by whom?

3) What was the date of the first occasion for this ceremony?

Our Log:

 March 26 by jretz (40 found)
Thanks for the cache and information! Now if we could be here to watch the ceremony, that would be wonderful!! Email sent with answers.

Answer #1: Colorado Blue Spruce

Answer #2: Started by Calvin Coolidge

Answer #3: on Christmas Eve 1923

The National Christmas Tree



Mile Zero

N 38° 53.707 W 077° 02.194

Interesting spot . I've been here many times and never noticed it.

To verify your find, E-mail the above link and tell me what it is and the date on the East side.

Great spot @ X-mas time.

Parking is the worst thing you'll encounter.

Our Log:

 March 26 by jretz (40 found)
Great spot and cache! Thanks!! Sent email with answer.

Answer: Zero Milestone

June 14, 1920

The View from the Zero Milestone



The view of an "Honest Man"

N 38° 53.355 W 077° 03.021
This is perhaps one of the best views in the USA. Many people have stood here looking outward and inward. Enjoy!This is a virtual cache, In return log another virtual site.

Our Log:

 March 20 by jretz (40 found)
One of our 1st stops during our trip to DC. As you said, a great place to look outward and inward. TFTC!

The Honest Man

And his View



The Summer House
N 38° 53.483 W 077° 00.634

While not an actual house, that's what it's called. This is one of my favorite "secret places" in the area.

To get credit for this cache please email me how many gateways there are to get into the "house".

(to view the rest of the cache commentary, click on link above)

Our Log:

 March 22 by jretz (40 found)
Found this before finding it as a geocache and was so intrigued by it! Thanks for the additional information.

The Summer House

There are 3 gateways to get into the "house"



Capitol View
N 38° 53.386 W 077° 00.591
This is a Virtual Cache (there is no cache container). It marks my favorite view of Washington D.C. Note: Since 9-11, the terrace has been barricaded off. You can get close to the coordinates, but you may not be able to get to the exact location.

If you are a resident or planning to visit the city, this is a must see spot. This is a historic location where the inaugural podium is placed. The spot marks the place that many of our Presidents were sworn into office. Be sure to bring your camera for this fantastic view of the city.

Our Log

 March 22 by jretz (40 found)
This is definitely a must see spot!! We took a tour of the Capitol first thing in the morning and the views were incredible, both inside and out. Thanks!

View from the terrace

Madeline on the Terrace after the Capitol Tour



Not Your Granny's Garden

N 38° 53.308 W 077° 00.758

A 'virtual cache' is a location (usually without a log book). 'Cache finders' wishing to claim credit for ACTUALLY VISITING THIS VIRTUAL CACHE should answer the following question: WHAT ARE THE MIDDLE TWO of the four words engraved in stone above the flagpole and front entrance? Logged entries on the website should be accompanied by a separate email to the 'cache hiders', which correctly answers the question, to assure 'cache seekers' entry is not deleted.

(for more cache commentary and info, click on link above)

Our Log:

 March 22 by jretz (40 found)
Thanks for the cache. You're right, this was a welcome break from the long lines. email on the way.

US Botanical Gardens

Answer: States Botanic



The Other Unknowns

N 38° 52.830 W 077° 04.389

This virtual cache is located in Arlington National Cemetery

Log the cache and e-mail the answers to the following questions:

1) How many people are buried at this memorial?

2) What two places were they gathered from?

3) What date is on the memorial?

(to view the rest of the cache commentary, click on link above)

Our Log

 March 24 by jretz (40 found)
Thanks for the cache - a very insightful day.

Answer #1: 2,111

Answer #2: Fields of Bull Run and the Route to the Rappahannock

Answer #3: September 1866


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