Washington DC

March 20-26th


Every year, Python, the programming language that Jimmy programs in, holds a conference in Washington DC and for the 1st time, Jimmy planned on attending (of course, not without much persuasion from Madeline, who has never been to DC). Hoping the conference would coincide with the cherry trees blossoming, we started planning our trip in January. While Jimmy spent his days at George Washington University in conference rooms, Madeline explored the city, its great monuments, memorials and museums.


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March 20

Arriving and exploring DC at night


March 21

Monuments Part 1

Monuments Part 2

Monuments Part 3

DC Mickeys


March 22

Capitol Tour

Surrounding Capitol Area

US Botanical Gardens


March 22-23



March 24

Arlington National Cemetery

Changing of the Guards

Ford's Theatre


March 25

More Smithsonians


March 26

Surrounding White House Area

DC Geocaching