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Since Jimmy and I aren't exactly the gambling sorts, we took advantage of our time in Reno by doing a little geocaching. (Geocaching can make the dullest place enjoyable!)* Actually, had a fantastic time during our visit!! Mostly because of the company (thanks Andrew and June!!). If you'd like, we've got more pictures of our trip here (some are repeats - i don't feel like editing right now).

Luckily we were able to enjoy the journey more than the destination during this geocaching adventure because we only found 1 our of the 4 caches we attempted today. But it was such a wonderful day! A very "Madeline and Jimmy" Valentine's Day.

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Basque Sheepherder
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Our 1st try for the day and we were quickly thwarted. We thought that it wasn't possible to get to at this time of the year because the trail we were suppose to take was completely blocked by snow. We could have climbed over the snow burm, but we weren't wearing appropriate footwear. Anyhoo, the view was pretty nice from this location. Learning more about Basque Sheepherders would have been cool, too, but...ces't la vie.

The cache is somewhere down there

View of Reno from the parking lot where the trail starts


Our Log:

 February 14 by jretz
Didn't have the right shoes for this impromptu geocaching day. Lots of snow piled up around the trails, saw the big green thing, but didn't attempt the hike. Now that we see 2 others made it on the same day we tried, we're bummed we didn't attempt it despite our open-heeled shoes.


Dam Curiosity
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2nd cache attempt for the day and foiled again. First of all, we had to cross over that rocky dam. I wasn't exactly confident with my footing, but managed to stumble across without breaking anything. Jimmy did amazingly well since he was in birkenstocks. Once we were across the dam, we had to contend with that steep incline up to the railroad. The ground was very soft and moist because of the recent snow/rain and Jimmy couldn't do it in his birks. I tried, got about 20 feet up (maybe) and decided against going all the way up because I kept slipping back down and just couldn't get a good footing. It was fun trying.

We were dam curious about where the cache was. But not curious enough to be killed by it. ;)

but the train was cool!


Our Log:

 February 14 by jretz
Foiled due to improper gear. Almost lost a shoe on 'hop' across the rocks, then on the attempt to climb the rest of the way to the cache, the soft, moist ground made us sink in our open-heeled shoes. Decided to turn around before we got all the way up and broke an ankle or something. shucks.


A Taste Of Reno

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Well, we didn't find this one, either. According to the clues, we had to climb down the hill a bit, but with the snow and quantity of muggles, we quickly decided to pass on this one. It was very cold and windy up here, but the view was nice so at least the stop was worth it.


Our Log:

 February 14 by jretz
Blasted least that's our excuse. There were at least 3-4 cars and their occupants wandering around for the 15 minutes we were there. Didn't try very long because it was windy and cold and we wanted to try another cache before sunset. The view was amazing, though and worth the stop.


A Wonderful Bird is the Pelican

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Finally!!! We found one!! It was nearly dark so it was nice to end our day with a find. Plus the goodies were pretty cool, too bad we didn't have anything to trade, but we did sign the log book! However, I almost left the garmin in the container! As you can see, i set the gps in the container to take pictures. After I signed the log, I carefully replaced the lid and put it back in its hiding spot. Walked back down to the car where Jimmy was and he asked if I had the gps. I laughed, said yea right, you have it (we had just joked about doing this very thing!). He insisted that he didn't. So I had to go back and retrieve the thing.

Madeline reaches for the cache

ouuuu...what fun goodies!

The lake was nice with the snowy mountains in the background.

Our Log:

 February 14 by jretz (45 found)
Found just before sunset, on a cold and windy Valentine's Day. Drove the family truckster nearly all the way there. No pelicans, but several Canadian Geese and at least 2 or 3 other varieties of water fowl. Almost left the GPS in the container - had to go back for it! Visiting from San Jose. TNLNSL.


*sorry Reno-lovers if we've offended. We grew up in the desert and it's just not our thang...neither are smoky casinos.


©Madretz 2005