Las Vegas
October 10, 2004

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We were in Vegas for Jimmy's hockey tournament and instead of going to the Strip, we decided to go to Red Rock Canyon and do a little geocaching. Lun and Melani were with us and I'm pretty sure they enjoyed the hike more than exploring Las Vegas Bouevard. Happily, the temperatures were in the low 80's - still fairly hot, but comfortable enough for a mile hike round trip to see some awesome pictographs and views of the desert that can be appreciated - remember, we're mostly desert-haters! ;) Check out our other pictures from this trip.




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Rock Art

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This find was sooo cool!! I can't remember ever seeing actual pictographs before, so seeing authenticated Native American ones totally blew me away! It was almost hard to believe that they were real. We wondered how they survived the elements all of these years. The hike wasn't very long, perhaps 1/3 of a mile or so. It was hot, but not overbearing, so the short trek wasn't bad at all. Looking back at the strip definitely made us realize that we made a good choice to do some geocaching instead of exploring casinos.

The trail up to the pictographs

Notice authenticating the site and answer to the cache

Interesting Pictographs

Jimmy and the Yuen's check out the pictographs

Group photo

Looking up the canyon

Desert Vegetation


Our Log:

 October 10, 2004 by jretz
Amazing pictographs! We wouldn't have trekked here without the knowledge of this geocache. We were in town for a hockey tournament and wanted to explore the desert rather than the strip. Thanks for a great virtual.


The Brownstone Gate

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This was an easy find because our car was right next to the gate!

Brownstone Gate

Jimmy finds the cache

Lun and Melani read the log

Our Log:

 October 10, 2004 by jretz
Nice find on a warm 83 degree day. We were in Vegas for a Hockey tournament and wanted to do a little Geocaching instead of hitting the strip.
You're right, it was quite difficult to make our way to the spot. We weren't entirely certain that we'd clear the washes since we had to take circuitous routes to get to the destination.



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