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April 25, 2004

Geocaching Adventure #6

I can't believe that we've gone geocaching every weekend this month! Seriously, this is the one of the best activities we've found. We're exploring places that we've never gone to before, and most of the places that we're exploring have amazing views. Today was a great geocaching day!! It was very sunny out and bordering on too warm. We tried 5 caches today, and found all but 1. Another fun part is going over the pictures with our neighbor, Ron. Since he knows the forest like the back of his hand, he fills us in on all of the geography details.


Take A Hike

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This cache was very nice. The trail was the old lumber railroad so there was very little incline. We hiked about a 1/2 mile before we found the cache. Along the trail, some of the plants had name markers. Also, lots of wildflowers were blooming. We could see the Tuolumne River much of the time. There was a lot of poison oak, but on the side of the trail, so no danger of coming in contact with it.

Info on Westside Lumber Company

This trail was once a narrow gauge railroad

Poison Oak

Jimmy found the cache

There it is!

looking through the goodies!

Fern in this weather?

Info on Bird Foot Fern

View from the trail - that's the Tuolumne River

Indian Paintbrush

Our Log:

 April 25 by jretz (10 found)
We agree with everyone - this is a great trail! The views are awesome, the wild flowers were amazing, loved that some of the plants were identified with markers. Thanks for the tip of where to park, we would have wandered around aimlessly trying to find the trail head without it. Took gem, left clock button, SL.




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We really didn't try very hard on this one. There was quite a bit of poison oak under the bridge and Jimmy was wearing shorts so we were handicapped a bit. There were also several families enjoying the river in the warm weather, so being stealth was challenging. I looked for about 5-10 minutes, but decided to give up. I'm sure we'll be back some other time.

Bridge over the Tuolumne River

Tuolumne River

I'm checking out every Beam

The hint said:

"Ninteen Fifty Six... and a little bit lower."

But we still couldn't find it.

Our Log:

 April 25 by jretz (7 found)
It was kind of tough looking for this one, there was some poison oak and we were wearing shorts so our searching was limited. Also, there were lots of people out enjoying the very warm Sunday afternoon. We searched for about 10 minutes before deciding to come back on another day.




FFs hard work

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No pictures for this one today since we took pictures on our first attempt in March 2003. We're really happy that we found this one since it eluded us last year. We brought a mirror, as suggested by someone who found it last year, and that helped a lot. We looked for about 15 minutes and couldn't believe that we may have had to give up again and log a DNF but finally found the film canister in one last section. There was a lot of traffic, and we were very cautious with any neighbors this time.

Our Log:
 April 25 by jretz (10 found)
We have to admit, we tried this one in 3/2003 but couldn't find it and didn't log our visit because it was our very first attempt at geocaching. We couldn't bring ourselves to log a did-not-find for our first attempt and have it show (0 found) after our name. We blame it on being so new to the game. This time we looked for about 20 minutes, fought off some huge bees, and almost gave up again. But with the help of a shiny device (thanks for the hint gumshoe9) we finally found it-just 1 though, not 2. Our curse of the 1st DNF is lifted! SL.


The Marble Orchard

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We were a little skeptical about looking for a cache in a cemetery. Is it a bit disrespectful? Well, it was very interesting wandering through the garden and looking at the old gravestones and we took caution on watching our step. It ended up being a very beautiful location, serene and peaceful.

Tuolumne City was once called Carter

This amazing tree houses the cache

Beautiful lilac bush

Our Log:

 April 25 by jretz (9 found)
Nice peaceful walk though history on a sunny Sunday afternoon. We were lucky because although the ants were EVERYWHERE else, they weren't protecting the cache today. SL.



Lava Dump

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After Marble Orchard, we headed to Sonora to do some errands and on our way back to the cabin, we decided to do one last cache. There was a short hike, about 1/4 mile from the gate to the end of the road. We hiked up the embankment, and searched for about 15 minutes before we found the cache. The views from up here were, once again, amazing. At one point, this location was a dump. We're used to dumps being in ugly locations, not a place that would seem to have the 3 most important elements in real estate.

The view from the coordinates

There it is!

checking out the booty

close up of GPS with coordinates and time

Just and interesting dead bush

wild lupines along the road

Our Log:

 April 25 by jretz (10 found)
We got here just before sunset. We don't understand why a dump would have had such a nice view. We searched for about 15 minutes before finding the cache. Took cat toy, left the Fabulous Las Vegas dice, SL. Saw Twist, but didn't realize was a TB. Darn!

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